May 14, 2016


“Lori Robinson’s book, The Book on Increasing your ROI: How to Obtain Huge Profits in the Manufactured Home Market, is definitely a motivating must-read for anyone interested in increasing the return on their personal investments. This book provides the investor with a clear and concise roadmap to the unique market of manufactured home investing, enabling far-reaching benefits to all individuals involved in the process. Having been personally involved in real estate both as brokers and investors, we found Lori’s book opens the door to this lesser-known way of investing by providing significant guidance to any investor, at any experience level, seeking a better return on their money.”

—Craig & Carol Johnson, Real Estate Brokers and Investors, Brookfield, WI

“Wow, I am so impressed and excited now to have this incredible knowledge. Lori Robinson’s expertise shines through in all the content she offers us in her new book. The education she shares with such clarity, will be easy for anyone, novice or seasoned investor, to learn how to create a strong ROI, and truly enjoy using the money they save on such an intelligent investment strategy. I look forward to my first purchase and sharing this with my family. Thank you Lori for sharing this with us!!”

—Trish Garron, Entrepreneur, Ft Lauderdale, FL

“Investing with Lori Robinson’s Real Estate investment company was the wisest investment I have made. I realized the promised percentage of return on my investment for the duration of my investment, just as Lori said I would. She stands behind what she says and is very professional. I will definitely consider investing with her again.”

—Diane Cihangir, Investor, Naperville, IL